David F. Habicht

Artist Info:

  • 1957  Born in South Bend, Indiana
  • 1976-1980  B.A. Religious Studies
  • Albion College, Albion, Michigan
  • 1981-1984  M.A. Studio Art, M.F.A. Ceramics
  • University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana
  • 1984-1991  Art Educator at The Starr Commonwealth Schools
  • Albion, Michigan
  • 1991-2012 Studio Artist
  • Co-founder and Co-owner of Shotwing Studio, LLC

Art and spirituality have always been the driving forces in my life. Since 1991 I have been creating portraits in bronze of international figures. Through my art I am connected to the world, acting as a global citizen. In December 2012 I will complete the course of study required to become a Ruling Elder Commissioned to Pastoral Service in the Presbyterian Church (USA). I live in Marshall, Michigan with my wife (Mary), daughter (Helen) and a very large dog (Beatrice) that we rescued from the shelter.

Artist Statement:

     Meeting someone whom you admire is never what you expect. Despite our media-saturated culture, encountering famous people in person is delightful and surprising in ways that are impossible to anticipate. My art is to experience first-hand someone who is shaping my world. Returning to the studio, I work my impressions of their personality into clay. The resulting portrait is a lively record of our time together. The permanence of bronze gives lasting substance to what would otherwise be an ephemeral and fleeting moment in time.

     My sculptures are distinctly “pinchy-squeezy.” If you look closely you can even see my fingerprints in the bronze. While cast bronze is very hard, the sculptor’s clay that I work with has a wonderful tactile quality that I like to exploit for visual effect. The clay lets me create an active surface that gives the works liveliness and a feeling of movement. If I have been successful, when you look at these portraits you will get a sense of my subjects’ intellect, humor and humanity. I hope the pride that meeting my heroes gave me and the pleasure that I took in creating these artworks will also be evident.

Shotwing Studio's other co-founder is Ken Shenstone, whose website is kenshenstone.com.